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NetOpt provides innovative, award-winning and exclusive products from vendors who are leaders in their respective field.

We provide pre-sales and post-sales technical support on all the products from our Brisbane based technical centre to our customers and partners. 

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Technology that’s indistinguishable from magic.

Getting the most out of bandwidth optimization is all about using the right tool for the right job.  And our Remote Business Accelerator is like the Swiss Army knife of the bandwidth optimization world. Dozens of different tools in our kit.  Which tool to use is highly dependent on the data being optimized.  Some data types respond better to compression.  Some prefer in-line deduplication or bit-level caching.  So we choose the right tool, automatically, in microseconds, as the data packets move between the RBA and our cloud servers.

But before we begin picking tools, we analyze the traffic.  What’s the nature of the traffic?  What’s its priority?  Should we route this traffic to the head of the line?  Are there filter rules to apply?  Hundreds of decisions.  Then off to the accelerator, where that Swiss Army knife analogy comes in.

Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization techniques work across all TCP-based applications including Microsoft Office and SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Salesforce, SAP, databases, data backup systems, and more.  The optimization suite works on all TCP-based protocols including CIFS, MAPI, NSF, FTP, and HTTP.  Block level deduplication and data caching ensure that the data is only sent over the WAN once.  Deduplication and caching dramatically reduce bandwidth consumption for many applications.

Once accelerated, we’re still not done.  We have to manage the inbound and outbound packet queues to prevent a scrum to make sure that your Internet connection is used efficiently at all times, and to clean up bottlenecks that exist in non-optimized networks.  And we occasionally pull rabbits out of our hats, too.

The Acceleration systems implementation relies on three components to optimize bandwidth:  The Opti-Link Acceleration Engine for bandwidth optimization, the patent-pending Multi-Link Architecture to provide shared access to the acceleration engine, and the Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) to communicate user requests to the Multi-Link Architecture.

The Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) is a full feature router that resides at the edge of the user’s network.  The RBA processes all outbound Internet request (e.g. visit web page, download a file, check email, etc.) and re-directs the request to our cloud-based Multi-Link Architecture for fulfillment.  This patent-pending architecture coordinates data flow between our Opti-Link Acceleration Engine and the RBA, providing both encryption and acceleration between the end user and the internet.  Tens of thousands of RBA installations will share each Opti-Link Engine.  A distributed array of these acceleration engines support millions of users.


RigCom: Advance Rig Communication System
Virgin Technologies' RigCom is an advanced rig communication system with more capability than ever before. RigCom provides a secure wireless communication platform throughout the rig site. 

The RigCom system includes: two-way voice intercom, VoIP telephone service, public address (PA) system with loud audible alarms, intrinsically safe rig phones, high-speed data network, auto-configuration hardware, free software updates, waterproof hardware and more.



Designed to automatically acquire the satellite in the sky, the mobile Internet satellite antenna system uses motors, gears, and a GPS system to adapt to the mobile environment. The touchscreen controller easily points and stows your antenna. 

The .98m satellite antenna mounts on top of your RV. Once parked, the dish can be deployed with the push of a button providing high speed Internet access.




Intracom Systems offers the leading IP-software, multi-channel / multi-access communications platform for mission critical applications. The solution is highly scalable to thousands of users, supports virtually an unlimited number of channels and conferences, boasts a fully integrated SIP server, LDAP, SNMP traps, AES encryption, point-to-point QoS, CDR,intercom and incorporates geo-positioning technology. VCOM consists of the following core components

  • VCOM Virtual Matrix / Server: multi-threaded, server-side summing/mixing engine with integrated SIP support;
  • VCOM User Interface: client-side GUI for non-blocking, multi-channel, ip intercom, multi-access critical communications;
  • VCOM Device Interface: software interface to easily bridge disparate communication systems including hardware intercoms, two-way radios, and public/private telephone networks;
  • System Administration Application: administrative user control for dynamic configuration and monitoring of VCOM from any workstation on the network.

RoIP Solutions

VCOM seamlessly interconnects PTT Services and LMRS without geographic limitation and extends communications to Android and iOS devices. The client-side VCOM User Interface features an optional PL (conference or “Hoot” channel) assignment mode which allows operators to easily add and remove SIP and interfaced devices — including radios — from PLs.


VCOM Virtual Communications is uniquely positioned to fulfill certain requirements within the Atomic Power Generation Sector by allowing continued use of legacy systems and expanding them to add more users and increase comms flexibility. VCOM is often coupled with IP video and IP telemetry for project management and heath physics personnel to monitor engineering and mechanical teams performing upgrades and repairs during periodic maintenance outages.


VCOM Virtual Communications fulfills a number of mission critical communication requirements within the Defense sector. Applications include communications between missile command and control rooms and marine test range stations over satellite and IP-Hoot extensions to legacy circuits used by U.S. Army Ground Troops.


VCOM Virtual Communications has gained wide acceptance within the Aerospace Industry, fulfilling critical communication demands ranging from UAV flight simulation training to commercial rocket launches. VCOM Aerospace users include NASA, Virgin Galactic, Aerospace Corp, and Sandia Research Corp. Among NASA’s various applications for VCOM are their Desert Rats (D-RATS) team and Intelligent Robotics Group at AMES/Moffett Field, who use VCOM for IP-Comms required in testing extraterrestrial excursion vehicles at desert, rocky and Arctic sites.

Wireless Intercom Solutions

VCOM Wireless Intercom brings the richness of ProCom functionality to Android Devices and the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Leverage any combo of Android or iOS VCOM Control Panels to add mobile clients to any existing VCOM System or use a stand-alone wireless intercom system.

  • Supports thousands of users to talk hands-free, privately, or in conference in full duplex;
  • Virtually unlimited channels configurable for point-to-points, group calls, and party lines;
  • Supports push-to-latch or momentary mode on any control key and supports all typical hardware matrix control panel operations;
  • User over WiFi or Data Cellular (3G, 4G);
  • Readily interfaces with virtually any number of external communications systems;
  • No radio frequency restraints.

iPak turns the familiar Apple iPod Touch or iPhone into the ultimate wireless beltpack solution by integrating an extended life battery case, SmartTouch™ slip-over cover, and belt clip. Single and 5-Bay drop-in charging stations are also available.

Wireless IFB Solutions

In radio and television broadcasting IFB serves as a voice cueing mechanism for on-air talent. The talent listens to a program audio signal which can be interrupted by the voice of a production person, such as a director or producer, for the purpose of giving instructions to the talent regarding the show in progress. In live theater the IFB function is used under the name Actor’s Call, Green Room Call, or Show Program/Paging. In the actor’s call implementation, the show program audio is listened to on a loudspeaker in a dressing room or actor’s lounge area and the audio is interrupted by the stage manager to warn an actor that they are about to go on stage. In a lobby area, background music may be played on loudspeakers and announcements made that override the music. IFB is also used in general public address systems such as airports for a similar purpose to that of live theaters.


VCOM IFB uses the power of VCOM for signal transport and receive functions over IP networks. The use of standard computer hardware and network infrastructure simplifies the installation and lowers the cost of system implementation. The VCOM Mobile Control Panel installed on handheld devices allows a cost effective and multi-purpose wireless IFB solution. Multiple return talkback and multiple path two way communications become possible with simple and inexpensive hardware. Wi-Fi or data cellular units may be used making the range virtually unlimited. In complex news situations such as elections or political convention broadcasts a new level of flexibility and cost effectiveness is now available.

                                                                    If your computer is down


Built to protect your business
when most traditional endpoint solutions can't

Malwarebytes business products provide the strong Anti-Malware detection and remediation your business needs to survive in today’s threatscape.  Unique and powerful, Malwarebytes business products deliver the layered defense experts recommend.


Detects and eliminates malware your antivirus will miss.

Removes rootkits and repairs the files they damage.

Think you're infected? Fire up Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's industry-leading scanner detects and removes malware like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, spyware, and more. All you have to do is launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and run a scan. It's that simple. Or if you want even better protection, consider Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and its instant real-time scanner that automatically prevents malware and websites from infecting your PC.

Detect, remove protect your PC from Malware.

Be proactive about eliminating Malware from your PC.

Independent testing laboratory AV-TEST gave Malwarebytes Anti-Malware the only perfect score for removing malware and repairing its damage. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was tested against 60 malware infections over a ten-month period and cleaned and restored the infected computer flawlessly every time. No other tested product, including those from Avira, AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, and ESET, could make that claim.


Solutions for IT Servers, Telecommunications equipment, medical and defence equipment, and data centres.


Outstanding product reliability and exceptional service have been Tripp Lite trademarks for over 90 years.  As the world’s leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, Tripp Lite’s innovations include the first UPS system designed specifically for personal computers and the world’s most trusted premium surge suppressor – the Isobar – with more than 19 million in use.  Tripp Lite maintains the highest level of ready-to-ship inventory in the industry with more than 3,000 different products, including UPS systems, surge suppressors, line conditioners, power inverters, cables, connectivity products and network management accessories.  Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Tripp Lite maintains a global presence with fully staffed offices worldwide.

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